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Traveling North by Plane, Car, Boat, Bike, Foot, and Hooves

Traveling North by Plane, Car, Boat, Bike, Foot, and Hooves #photoessay #photos #travel #Michigan

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My husband, Danny, and I wrapped up a wild summer filled with travel by heading to Michigan for a wedding. Knowing this would entail a variety of transportation, our children opted out. They couldn’t take the vacation time. After an uneventful flight (Yeah!) from Denver to Detroit, we rented a car and drove up north to the top of the state.

Growing up in the sister state of Wisconsin, “up…

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Unplug 4 Hours - It works!

Unplug 4 Hours - It works! #writetips #amwriting #writing


I bet you’re addicted. Come on. Admit it. How many times an hour do you check stats, emails, social media or text messages? Is it hard to unplug? How long do you procrastinate before settling down to do real work?

Although I have found my passion in writing and always meet deadlines, I recognized my addiction to the endorphin rush of the internet. Reading blog posts, watching views roll in (or…

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The Lost Art of Whistling

The Lost Art of Whistling

The organic use of communication called the whistle has been around for a while. The original tweet probably was expressed by a caveman. He may have accidentally whistled while dashing home for supper. Later, it alerted his clan to imminent danger, meaning, “Dude! Look out for those crazed and hungry mastodons behind you!” Dinosaurs are extinct and the whistle is increasing in rarity.


When I was…

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Use Me and Abuse Me Blog Party - Summer Vacation Edition

Use Me and Abuse Me Blog Party - Summer Vacation Edition #bloghop #blogparty #virtualparty Pick up new subscribers!


Hello Wild Riders! It’s time for another virtual blog party where you can Use Me and Abuse Me. Bring a link from ONE of your blog posts and paste it in my comment section. Then the party begins! Click on a few links and mingle. Say hello to the guests. There are always new faces in the crowd.

Feel free to leave a hook with your link, so the guests know what your post is about. Click on a few and…

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